Joyce HO+ Snow HUANG

254 yen, 2017, Mixed-Media, Video Installation, Sound installation

Northern Art Village C

Here, old houses are converted into an exhibition space, where the clothes of an intruder, a toothbrush, a mattress, a stamp, a father’s ID photo, and various marks of one’s daily life have been left scattered. Joyce HO and Snow HUANG begin to track the true identity of this intruder. The aforementioned incident occurred after the Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Arts and a wanted poster is posted on Facebook. The intruder is last seen at the Festival of Lights in New Taipei City, after which his whereabouts is unknown.

A note with the address of a Ximending hotel, a notice from a mental health center, and 254 yen that fell out of a backpack all indicate that a person’s life is in peril, and the events shockingly resemble those experienced by fictional characters created by the artists in the past, making the real life events manifestations of the artists’ works and “alibis” a key to solving the puzzle. As we use the memories represented by objects to decipher all possible narratives and installations and videos to restore any possible encounters, all fictional events produced based on synchronicity become actual life events, to an extent that all activities in life may be potential crime scenes.