Jui-Chien HSU

Direct, 2017, mixed materials ( Iron、plaster 、Elastic rope、 wood、 The Ready- made), dimensions variable.

Northern Art Village B & E

The objects are restless in every space, wandering with the rhythm sounds which is like the performers of the physical theatre communicate with its body through the movement, the gesture, and the dance. By measuring and accepting the writing of elements of the north campus, objects seem to exercise in the space, and we can see the moving process through the trace. By the participation of creator’s body, the effect interweaves with the objects and opens each other’s distance and direction, creating a balance of pause. When visitors enter the work field, they can get into the poetic sensory space by reading and thinking the space and the relation between materials and themselves.

Powerlessness, weakness, nervousness, aggregation, violence, vigor, delicateness, structure, movement and contradiction… The change of posture approaches and then backs away. The process of sliding motion will also face the moment of stop, hearing the secret faintly.