I stand naked in the street with sleeping lions, 2013-2017, Mixed media
(sculpture/fountain, painting, video, animal bones)

Yo-Chang Art Museum 3F

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth
later in uglier ways.” ― Sigmund Freud

To this day, Sigmund Freud remains an iconic image in contemporary culture, the bearded man with a pipe (with his humorous quip about oral fixation : “sometimes a pipe is just a pipe”), the analyst’s couch, the comedic punch line of asking someone who is describing their problems to “tell me about your mother.” We understand the references and they still remain relevant 80-years after his death, because Freud’s theories still play a prominent part in our understanding of the human mind. Whereas our understanding of the physiology of the human body has increased dramatically, the mind remains a mystery. Using Freud and his writings as the starting point for this poetic meditation, this collaborative exhibition explores the fuzzy boundaries between dreams and reality, delving deep into the shadowy unexplored recesses of our brains. Who are we? Why are we capable of both creating such remarkable beauty and such unimaginable violence?

Riverbed Theatre
Riverbed Theatre was founded in 1998 in Taipei, Taiwan. The company’s image-based, Total Theatre productions blur the boundaries between visual and performing arts. Critics have praised the organic, sculptural quality of Riverbed’s “subconscious” theatre, likening the performances to the best works of Samuel BECKETT and David LYNCH. Riverbed has participated in festivals and events including the International Theatre Festival (Taipei), Imaginale Figurentheater Festival (Mannheim, Stuttgart), Avignon-Off Festival (Avignon), Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center (New York), Alice Festival (Tokyo), M1 Fringe Festival (Singapore), New Ideas Theatre Festival (Taipei), BOK Festival (Macau), and the Taiwanese Experimental Theatre Festival (Boston). Riverbed has also participated in exhibitions at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan Museum of Art, Kaohsiung Museum of Art, and Eslite Gallery.