Yueh-Nu KUO

Layered space, 2015-2017, mixed materials (e.g., polyvinyl acetate (PVAC), LED, dry ice), spatial media, dimensions variable

Northern Art Village D

The concept of this artwork was inspired by the brains of organisms and the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is an organ connected to various parts of the body, in which the body parts function independently and transmit external stimuli back to the brain. The cerebral cortex serves as a spatial layer, embodies the concept of “a medium,” and possesses sufficient strength to resist pressure from the external environments as it protects internal body parts. The primary material used to create this artwork was polyvinyl acetate (PVAC; resin), which displays different texture when exposed to changing temperatures or environments. By taking advantage of the plasticity and ductility of the material, the material is ingeniously utilized as an extension of the cerebral cortex.

The purity of PVAC serves as the theme of this exhibition, in which painted images on walls, stairs, and ceilings are used to show the “endodermis.” The endodermis evokes the feelings of filling up, rubbing, extending, and pulling away, in which museum guests see reproduced abstract images and how time coexists, connects with, and develops with traces that have been left behind. As people, space, and matters are brought together, they reproduce the flow of time, uncovering the different layers of time memories that have been sealed and accumulating museum guests’ sensory experience. By using physical work performed by the artwork designer and the stacked structure of the building materials, the perception of and relationships between daily space and rebuilding space are explored.